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In line with DCSB’s mission to help the needy, you will also finds the following loan packages at your consideration.


This loan is suitable to all new entrepreneurs. Our new business loan come with reasonable and affordable fixed monthly repayment, which mean you can now start your new business but need not worry to put a deep hole in your pocket!

Still wondering how much loan you can get? Calculate yourself by using this formula:-

New Business
Loan granted
Your Savings
2 times
*Interest Chargeable will be 5% per annum*

Application procedures are as follows:-

  • STEP 1: Submit your application form online
  • STEP 2: Email us your 3 months’ salary slip, EPF statement, your IC, latest bank saving statement and your new business proposal

Ready for your new adventures as entrepreneur? Submit your application now!

Private Limited(Sdn. Bhd.) Eligibility
  • Company's 6 Months Bank Statement
  • Previous 2 years Annual Return
  • Forms 24, 44, 49
  • Photocopy of Director's and Guarantor's IC
  • Guarantor's 3 Months Salary Slip
  • Guarantor's EPF Statement
Sole Proprietor/Partnership Eligibility
  • Company’s 6 months’ Bank Statement
  • Previous 2 years Borang B
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Photocopy of Directors’ IC

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